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  • Providing emergency support for families and individuals who have hit rock bottom
  • Supporting basic needs while increasing financial literacy

Below are the programs we support that are working to address income needs in our community:

Development of Community Health and Fitness Hub – CRESWICK DANCE AND FITNESS

posted by pmckee, 26 Aug 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update) Debbie * is one of our participants who has a condition called EDS for which there is no cure, only preventative exercise can help. Debbie has encountered many complications and surgeries over the years and had hip surgery late last year; she found that the physio she was prescribed …read more


Emergency Grant and Financial Advocacy Program

posted by pmckee, 01 Feb 2015

Your donations at work (mid year update) 12 people have been directly assisted to avoid losing their tenancy because of this program, with support from PACT these families will be able to get back on track with their finances and become self sufficient again, saving the community the burden of more homelessness. “ An Aboriginal …read more


Breezeway – Meals Program

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2015) A mother and her adult son attend Breezeway three to four times per week. They have been recently housed but prior to that they had been homeless or transient for over two years. The son is in his twenties and he has Tourette’s syndrome and Aspergers. The mother …read more


Global Garden – GPLACE

posted by pmckee, 27 Aug 2014

Your donations at work (mid year update) “The project has partnered with the City of Ballarat’s CALD Careers Program, piloted three business breakfasts and two other catering events and explored additional workplace training opportunities for a Kitchen Assistant who will commence in Phase 2. The additional catering events included: 1. Dinner meeting of the OMAC …read more


Lead On Ballarat joins forces with United Way

posted by pmckee, 09 Sep 2013

It’s official,  Lead On Ballarat now has a new home and a new CEO!! Lead On is a community organisation ‘Here for YOUth’ offering opportunities for young people to get involved with the community. Geoff Sharp, CEO of United Way Ballarat and now Lead On Ballarat is excited to announce this new partnership.  He says,  …read more


Funded Projects for 2013

posted by pmckee, 04 Feb 2013

This year, United Way Ballarat and The Ballarat Foundation are supporting 26 different projects within our community  a full summary of the projects funded through work place giving and through other donations both to United Way Ballarat and The Ballarat Foundation can be downloaded here: Funding Recipients 2013 Find out more about individual programs by …read more


Lead On Ballarat

posted by pmckee, 09 Jan 2013

Providing a diverse range of real life mentoring programs which embrace a community approach to engage, inspire and encourage young people to become valuable members of our community.   Lead On Ballarat projects are empowering local youth to be our future leaders by engaging them in programs which build their confidence and work skills. Members …read more




United Way Ballarat is working to advance the common good of our community by focusing on Education, Income and Health.  These are the building blocks for a good life—a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.  United Way Ballarat asks all the citizens of Ballarat and surrounding areas to do three things: GIVE – money and goods; ADVOCATE – on behalf of those who cannot; and VOLUNTEER – to invest time in our community More about United Way Ballarat


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