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  • Increasing access to community healthcare and well-being services
  • Addressing substance abuse, child abuse and domestic violence
  • Addressing youth mental and physical health needs

Below are the programs we support that are working to address health needs in our community:


Ballarat Brutha’s Men’s Group

posted by pmckee, 05 Apr 2016

The Ballarat Brutha’s Men’s Group was founded in May 2013, to address an identified gap in men-specific programs offered in the Ballarat District. The aim of this group is to build stronger connections between Indigenous men by providing participation in cultural activities to  improve self-esteem, health outcomes, family relationships and community participation. The purpose of …read more


Look Good Feel Better Workshops

posted by pmckee, 05 Apr 2016

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a free community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatment. Women, men, and teens participate in practical workshops empowering them to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence. The LGFB workshop runs for approximately two hours, with a focus on practical …read more


Children’s Therapy Group

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2016

Your donations at work (mid year 2015) “One participant spoke of how much she appreciates the chance to attend a group where she can be herself, and within her art work she drew many “windows of freedom” explaining that she and her mother just want to “fly free”; away from the threats, abuse and disruption. …read more


Safety Assist

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2016

Your donations at work (mid year update 2015) “A 23 year old woman came to WRISC looking for support as she was sleeping in her car due to escaping family violence. The young woman did not have a mobile phone and was vulnerable as a result. WRISC funded a mobile phone and credit for the …read more


Planned Respite, Socialisation and Recreation

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2016

Your donations at work (mid year update 2014) The past 6 months have seen approximately 40 participants attending 9 different activities including a week in Warrnambool and a Food Handlers course.  A testament to the success of the program – several participants have gained the confidence and gone on to study and some have taken …read more


Keeping in Touch

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2016

Your donations at work (mid year update 2015) At the April meeting, a visitor with recent and severe balance issues became the main focus of the meeting. The visitor had actively searched the web for information and had no deafness at that stage. The visitor asked a lot of questions and expressed appreciation to the …read more


Development of Community Health and Fitness Hub – CRESWICK DANCE AND FITNESS

posted by pmckee, 26 Aug 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update) Debbie * is one of our participants who has a condition called EDS for which there is no cure, only preventative exercise can help. Debbie has encountered many complications and surgeries over the years and had hip surgery late last year; she found that the physio she was prescribed …read more


SES Ballarat – Operation Rescue Riders

posted by pmckee, 18 Feb 2015

Your donations at work (mid year 2015) “One weekend in May, approximately 30 Ballarat SES members (including the 5 motorbike crew) were involved in a search training scenario held in Creswick State Forrest. The scenario was based on 2 missing children – with a general search area defined (approx. 2 square kilometres). The motorbikes were …read more


Very Special Kids

posted by pmckee, 11 Feb 2015

Your donations at work (mid year update) The following events have been facilitated since funding has been received from United Way Ballarat and The Ballarat Foundation. Parents Support Group Lunch ‐ 11 families (20 people) attended this event. Bereaved Mothers Support Group Coffee morning – 5 mothers attended this event. Muscular Dystrophy Parents Support Group …read more


e-motion21 – moving bodies, moving boundaries – through BeatFit™

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2015) New Beat-Fit™ Classes have run this year on Thursday evenings at Eastwood Leisure Centre  in the Multipurpose room.  The classes compliment several other dance classes run by e-motion21 each week. Our Beat-Fit™ program was invited to perform at the Ballarat Specialist School end of semester performance.  This was …read more


Big Brothers Big Sisters: Ballarat In-School Mentoring

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work – end of year update 2015 Kayla and Elsa’s story* “In 2015 Big Brothers Big Sisters Ballarat’s ‘Bigs’ and ‘Littles’ spent time together: geocaching, walking the lake, going to the movies, growing vegetables, having coffee, playing with the dog, hanging out, supermarket shopping, doing craft, visiting the library, rollerblading, and… baking …read more


Larf – Life Skills, Activities, Recreation, Friendship & Fun

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2015) Mark* is a young man who joined our youth group at the commencement of Term 1 this year. He was referred to us by his worker at Pomegranate House who felt that he would benefit from the opportunity to engage with young people in a safe and supportive …read more


School Breakfast Club

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work  (end of year update 2015) BRAD’s* story “Brad* is a young man who had been consistently getting in trouble at school. However, he began to  attend breakfast club regularly. Rather than push him away, we allowed him to help out in a practical way each day by being our designated “Milo …read more


Aspergers Teen League

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work (mid year update 2015) New members to the Teen League group have been added during Term 2 of 2015. This has been a very positive process as the new members have been welcomed into the group without issue. The regular members of the group have encouraged the new members to get …read more


Breezeway – Meals Program

posted by pmckee, 13 Jan 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2015) A mother and her adult son attend Breezeway three to four times per week. They have been recently housed but prior to that they had been homeless or transient for over two years. The son is in his twenties and he has Tourette’s syndrome and Aspergers. The mother …read more




United Way Ballarat is working to advance the common good of our community by focusing on Education, Income and Health.  These are the building blocks for a good life—a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.  United Way Ballarat asks all the citizens of Ballarat and surrounding areas to do three things: GIVE – money and goods; ADVOCATE – on behalf of those who cannot; and VOLUNTEER – to invest time in our community More about United Way Ballarat


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