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Administrative Professional of the Year Nomination

2018 Peace & Quiet Administrative Professional of the Year - Nomination Form

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    We would like your details so we can contact you if we need further information.
  • What organisation do YOU represent and what is your role/position?
  • Please provide the best phone number(s) at which you can be contacted.
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  • Explain how they make your life easier? What do they do that exceeds your expectations? How do they contribute to make your workplace better? Nominee finalists will be notified prior to the event and interviewed by a selection panel.
    Privacy Statement: The nominator submits this nomination with the understanding that the personal information provided is to be used for selecting nominations for the Administrative Professional of the Year Award. This information will be disclosed to the selection panel of the Administrative Professional of the Year Award and the names and a photo of all the nominees may be printed in the the Administrative Professionals Breakfast table brochure, on United Way's Website and in various media publications, for promotional purposes or broadcast to local media.
  • Don't forget seats for the Administrative Professional Breakfast, held on Friday 4th May, 7am at the North Ballarat Sports Club, Creswick Road.
  • When you submit your form a copy of your nomination will be emailed to you for your records.



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