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LARF Wins Award

Mentors and staff of Salvo-Connect Western – LARF Program gathered at Regent cinemas Friday 21st of November for the Ballarat Youth Awards. It was a great atmosphere surrounded by great people supporting each other. The LARF Mentoring Program was nominated for the “Group Project Award” and we were all able to stand on stage as a group and celebrate our nomination. I think I can say on behalf of all our mentors that we were very excited when the announcer called out that the Salvo-Connect Western – LARF Mentoring Program won!

We won the “Group Project Award”, and our ex-mentee and current mentor Maggie accepted the award on behalf of LARF. Many smiles, excitement and celebratory selfies were included in our group celebration. Mentors who may have been very nervous about being on stage came up and were a part of our great group. Everyone is excited to let all our mentees know that we won. Our team of volunteers are a great group aged from 16 to 20 somethings who love working with the group participants and celebrating every big and small achievement from anyone in our groups. They are always welcoming of new people, and we all come together to what we call our ‘LARF Family’.

Thank you to Alice Nicholson from the LARF Family for this story.




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