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Your donations at work (mid year update 2015)

“A 23 year old woman came to WRISC looking for support as she was sleeping in her car due to escaping family violence. The young woman did not have a mobile phone and was vulnerable as a result. WRISC funded a mobile phone and credit for the woman which improved her safety as she was able to make calls out if needed. In addition, the mobile phone and credit improved this young woman’s links to services and she was able to find transitional accommodation shortly afterward.

WRISC were also able to help a 17 year old client who was wanting to get their licence but was unable to fund this due to no longer living at home. We were able to pay for them to
sit their learners exam and they were successful in completing this. They are now getting regular driving lessons which is not only building their confidence on the road but also in other aspects of their life.”


Creating a safer, more secure and stable home environment for women and children who have experienced family violence.


Women who are living with or escaping from domestic violence have many issues to confront.  Often they are victims of other abuse which has restricted their sense of self, deprived them of income, a reliable vehicle, working phone or a safe, secure home.

The Safety assist program aims to meet simple needs that will empower these women and their families to move forward and re-establish their lives.  This could take the form a fuel card, new door locks, new car tyres, phone credit or even some clothes for a job interview.

The project complements the emotional and practical supports already being provided by the staff at WRISC.

The funding we provide for this program is generated from Workplace Giving programs.


This organisation has received funding from United Way Ballarat for the following years:

1996, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Your donations at work (mid year update)

15 women and their accompanying children (20) have been assisted in various ways to enhance their safety and lives.  Most assistance is in the form of lock changing and help with other security measures, however the following stories are about other small acts of kindness that have resulted in lives changed.

“My client has had a traumatic childhood of emotional, physical and sexual abuse that continued into her relationship with the father of her children. She is an amazing inspiring woman but finds it hard to believe this in herself and feels she is worthy of nothing.  She has since, through her strength and support around her, ended the relationship but has told me several times she gets nervous and scared when people touch her in any way. (shaking hands, hug etc)

I used some funding to take her to get her nails professionally done as I felt this was a way of her starting to trust ‘touch’ in a subtle and almost unknown way to her whilst in a safe environment.  The outcome from the morning out with her was AMAZING! She was smiling and couldn’t stop looking at her nails!   That night she painted her 12 year old daughter’s nails creating a special calm experience for them together in what has been a challenging time.   The next time I saw my client she was wearing make-up – this I hadn’t seen before, making me believe having her nails done has given her some self-confidence and belief in herself.

Another client had to urgently relocate to refuge in the north of the state.  Her two beloved pet dogs were unable to accompany her.  Funds were used to place the dogs in a boarding kennel until they were reunited.”




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