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Your donations at work (mid year 2015)

“One participant spoke of how much she appreciates the chance to attend a group where she can be herself, and within her art work she drew many “windows of freedom” explaining that she and her mother just want to “fly free”; away from the threats, abuse and disruption. She has a tortuous relationship with her father and this is something that is looked at each week and how she is managing the difficult situation.

Another participant willingly shared stories of herself and her family and how she is made to feel that she is “not smart” at school. With sharing of her thoughts she was able to discuss how she believes she contributes to school activities and where her strengths are with
her school work. She was also able to go on an excursion for the first time (grade 6), and supports and encourages her siblings with activities they are involved in. She stated she “likes coming to the group because the other girls talk to her” and as a result she is watching and listening to how the girls talk and create.

From week one, the girls were prepared to discuss why they were in the group and how domestic violence had impacted on their lives which had a subsequent effect on their family members. School issues were discussed and personal well‐being and self‐protection was explored.

On the weeks where anxiety was high some relaxation techniques were worked with and had positive outcomes.”


Providing a therapy group for teens who have experienced family violence, homelessness or high conflict separation.thumb-wrisc

The teenage years are fraught with lots of pitfalls and stresses at the best of times; imagine the emotional impact family violence, homelessness or a high conflict separation at home, could have on a young person.

This program utilising DRUMBEAT seeks to provide group therapy to vulnerable young people aged 13 plus.

The DRUMBEAT program involves a group of people with a common issue come together for an hour a week for 10 weeks and learn to drum together. The program structure allows for issues to arise and to be worked through by drumming and discussion.  More information about the program is available on the website www.holyoake.org.au. DRUMBEAT has been used in schools, prison settings, drug & alcohol programs to name a few.

DRUMBEAT is a flexible program that can be adapted by the trained facilitator to meet the needs of their clients. The program utilises a range of core strategies to engage and transfer social learning leading to behaviour change and these strategies can be delivered with different emphasis depending on the client group. The program also encourages facilitators to utilise their own strengths and creativity in order to deliver an appropriate and effective intervention.

A video clip describing the program and benefits is available at

The ultimate aim at WRISC is to give these children the skills and resources to cope with and heal from trauma and to break the inter-generational cycle of family violence.

The funding we provide for this program is generated  through Workplace giving.

This organisation has received funding from United Way Ballarat for the following years:

1996, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Your donations at work (mid year update)

The first group for 2014 was for 5 sessions during term 1 with a group of 4 girls.

The second group of 7 sessions during term 2 had a group of 5 girls.




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