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L2P Mentor shares story of Road Trauma Seminar

Tuesday May 5

I heard on the radio earlier the week before of a road safety seminar which would be valuable for parents and their road driving learners to attend and hear what can go wrong in an accident.  While I have no intentions of being involved in an accident I thought this would be a valuable event to attend with my mentee.

The event involved emergency personnel from the CFA, Police and SES together with the Road Trauma Support Service and 5 guest speakers.

The Master of Ceremonies was Councilor and Policeman Des Hudson who spoke with true conviction that driving is a privilege and not a right, something that was reinforced by all speakers who followed.  His chilling introduction included 3 minutes of TAC road safety advertisements of the last 20 years.

I believe Amanda Pollard’s speech was from the heart for it showed how your life can change in a heartbeat.  One minute you are at work in control of over 600 people and the next you are in jail with all types of criminals, including murderers etc.  I believe the humiliation that she expressed in her speech was directly from her heart.  While she did not kill anybody while driving, she was in an accident that did cause injury to a third party and now she continues to live with the consequences for the rest of her life, together with that of her son who also felt the pain of not having a mother to care for him while she was in prison.

The night was capped off by the last speaker who showed the driver does not have to be drunk, on the phone, on drugs, yelling or distracted to have an accident.  They just need to take their eyes off the road and within an instant the car can be out of control.  The end result; the passenger, speaker, Michael Hughes was in a wheel chair as a paraplegic, never able to walk again.

I believe the event is a valuable experience for drivers of all ages to attend, you don’t have to be a learner and you don’t have to be a parent or mentor.   As within industry, everybody gets a little nonchalant about what has happened in the past and so they believe it will be the same in the future.  Believe me, to see some of the graphic pictures was one way of knowing what you must avoid… Concentrate and drive safe

Ron Crafter – L2P Learner Driver Mentor.

An article in the courier about the event can be read here





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