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Your donations at work  (end of year update 2015)

BRAD’s* story

“Brad* is a young man who had been consistently getting in trouble at school. However, he began to  attend breakfast club regularly. Rather than push him away, we allowed him to help out in a practical way each day by being our designated “Milo Man” (serving the Milo hot drinks). Now Brad attends every day and as such has relished his opportunity to serve his fellow peers. His behaviour has gradually improved, and staff are beginning to see this significant change in him. He is a fantastic young man, and we are extremely lucky to have him helping us each morning – completely voluntarily!” *not his real name

Providing a nourishing meal for approximately 100 secondary students each week (at Phoenix P – 12 Community College) who may not receive breakfast at home.

Many kids turn up for school without having eaten or maybe have been traveling from out of town with breakfast a distant memory.  Some kids get to school early and are looking  for a friendly place to have a chat before school.

Ballarat Christian Fellowship head up a team of volunteers who serve breakfast to students at Phoenix P-12 Community College (formerly Sebastopol Secondary College) 3 mornings a week.

These enthusiastic volunteers are not only filling hungry bellies but are providing a safe place for students to be themselves whilst being positive role models; modelling healthy boundaries, acceptable behaviour and respect for others.

The breakfasts form part of the school’s welfare network where kids who may need help with other life issues can be referred accordingly.


The funding we provide for this program is generated from Workplace Giving programs.


This organisation has received funding from United Way Ballarat for the following years:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2015)

One young man (John*) has taken it upon himself to come and help breakfast club volunteers by serving the cups of hot milo to other students. John is in junior school and has semi‐regularly found himself in trouble during class times ‐ occasionally leading to being suspended. At breakfast club, however, John has found a niche and enjoys serving others and feeling a part of something bigger than himself. Him helping out also gives us a chance to chat with him each day. We really enjoy doing this, and occasionally he will share with us some of the situations he has got himself into. He benefits greatly from the discussions he has with us, as he sees us as a non‐judgmental, caring third party whom he can share with and be himself around. John’s behaviour in class has improved over the course of this year, and we have been continuing to work with staff to encourage him in this.”   *not his real name.  July 2015

Your donations at work (mid-year update 2014)

Students have been provided breakfast three mornings a week with five regular volunteers and another three more casual volunteers helping out.

“One year eight student became involved with our breakfast club at the start of this year through being served regularly.  He has minor social issues, and can find it hard to fit in at school.  However, through the support and encouragement he was given from our breakfast club volunteers, he is now our unofficial key student helper; he arrives early to help set up, he helps serve other students, cleans tables, etc.

Another student who became involved in our breakfast club program over the years she was attending the high school has recently gained employment at the school as an aid. Because of the positive impact the program had on her, she will regularly come and chat to us at breakfast club and even help out if needed.”






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