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L2P Graduates celebrated

June 19, 2014

Two young men recently graduated from the Ballarat L2P program, obtaining their probationary licences with the help of their dedicated mentors.

Geoff Sharp, CEO of United Way Ballarat accompanied by Chris Dunlop, Planning Manager at VicRoads yesterday presented certificates to Patrick Hamilton-Warren and Lachlan Phillips-Simpson with their proud mentors Larelle Kuczer and Wayne Scanlon also there to congratulate them.

Lachlan had managed to clock up over 100 hours of driving experience before the loss of his mum meant he had no-one to continue with.  In the early part of his working life, Lachlan had no way of affording professional lessons to make up the hours of practice he needed.   That’s where Wayne stepped in.  With the help of the L2P program, Wayne and Lachlan completed the 120 hour requirement and Lachlan now has that all important licence, allowing him to get to work and around town independently.  Lachlan can’t speak highly enough of the program and his mentor “he even came and collected me from my home when it wasn’t possible to get to the city”.

Patrick’s mum has no car, so gaining the 120 hours was a huge hurdle for this young man who also has responsibility for a 3 year old child.  With only 20 hours hard won hours under his belt, Patrick wasn’t able to see a way forward and in the meantime was missing out on job opportunities because he was un-licenced.  Larelle has made all the difference by volunteering around 6 hours a week to help Patrick achieve his licence in record time.  Patrick is a huge proponent of the program “I can now hopefully obtain employment with my licence in hand.  It makes things much easier getting my daughter to kinder etc. and I also appreciate the ability to drive to visit my elderly Grandparents in Gisborne, a trip that took around 3 hours via public transport.”

Speaking about the program, Chris Dunlop from Vicroads said  “already statistics are showing the 120 hour mandatory supervised driving practice is already making a difference in reducing road trauma for young drivers.  The L2P program is helping those learners who would otherwise find it impossible to get those 120 hours practice, ensuring they are not disadvantaged in regard to employment and education opportunities”.

 check out the courier’s report on this celebration here






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