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A Home For Homeless Youth

 Your donations at work (mid year update)

“The young person being supported this year was referred via a hospital in the homeless sector, with mental health issues which resulted from the trauma in his background. This young person was completely alone, disengaged with complex mental health issues. In the past six months they have overcome many mental health battles and have worked hard on improving education and employment opportunities. This particular young person is currently undergoing a Cert III in IT and is applying for part time jobs. A reduction of overall anger issues has resulted in an increase in caring for others and showing trust in carers.  Coming into Lighthouse has helped take control of this young person’s life and reconnected them with their family in a healthy way.”  July 2014


Supporting homeless young people by providing not just a home, but also a family environment coupled with therapeutic approaches.thumb-lighthouse

A young person who is homeless does not simply need shelter to be able to integrate and function well in society.  The road that has led them to becoming homeless has usually been a very difficult one that includes long term abuse and neglect.  They are left with scars, both emotional and physical, and are often struggling with resultant mental health issues such as post traumatic stress syndrome.

Lighthouse’s Psychological Wellness Program seeks to offer housing with a difference; in an atmosphere of a family home where there is ongoing intensive support, there is also access to one-on-one counselling and other therapies enabling previously homeless young people to turn their lives around.

Each home allows for up to 4 young people at any one time to live with the support of caring adults in a family environment.  It is in this safe and structured space that they can start to heal, and gain the confidence and skills to integrate into society as healthy and productive young adults.

The funding we provide for this program is generated from fundraising activities and general donations.


This organisation has received funding from United Way Ballarat for the following years:

2013, 2014



  1. Taylah Geary says:

    Hi I was just wondering if you guys could help me iv been living on the street and couch surfing for abit now becouse I can’t live at my bofriends due to threats from some of his family members, I have a cash in hand job that I do but they don’t give me much work and it’s cash in hand so they are unreliable and iv been trying and trying to find a really cheap place to rent but I can’t get help of centerlink only becouse I don’t have a address I’m living at to give them and iv tired to get help off my boss but they say they can’t help me. Please contact me on 0423894047



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